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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We just added a new item to the shop! The last of Igor Ventura's Artist Proofs from the the very first "Blankies" Artist Series which was released last year. Support the artist directly, and in turn receive a sweet little piece ;)  Here's a bit more info. . .

"This was one of the designs featured on the very first Blankie artist series, brought to you by the folks over at the Aarting collection [a community fueled art collective]. Here are a few links that will get you a little more familiar with both the series and the artist:

Rocking a sweet stache, this water cooler "lobsta" is floating about adding just the right amount of flavor, to your otherwise tasteless water.
Can't afford the real thing? Well just take a swig of this water and you'll swear you're digging in to a fine "lobsta" dinner :)
Out of only 5 Artist Proofs, this little guy is sure to sell out quick. And being one of Igor's first production pieces, this will become a rarity never to be seen again. And did I mention that you get an original sketch by Igor himself with every order? You'll be able to brag to your friends and family about how you have one of his very first production pieces, guaranteed!*

*this is not an actual guarantee. guarantees are non binding through out the universe. Purple monkey dishwasher*

- Each AP comes signed by the artist.
- Only five of these were originally given to the artist, and only 2 remain.
- As an added bonus, you will receive an original sketch by Igor himself!
- Your AP will be shipped direct from the artist [located in Brazil] via first class international with both insurance and tracking, so rest assured that you're little "lobsta" will be safe through it's entire journey!"

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