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Welcome to the blog spot for all things related to The Most Wanted Crew; An artist collective created by Tim Munz, Igor Ventura, and Manny Rivas, featuring some of the most sought after up and coming artists and customizers from around the globe. Feel free to check out our online shop for original artwork and customs from some of our many talented artists. Thank you for checking us out and we hope you come back often to see what's new in the world of The MW Crew.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


And we're SOLD OUT! Thanks a lot everyone! And remember, you'll have two more chances at scoring some MW3 goodness. There's one more preorder (will be pretty limited as well though), and the final drop date! Keep checking here, our facebook page, twatter, and of course, the Kidrobot forums ;)

Well, it's not the full on preorder (that's coming later on), but we are going to offer a very limited amount of spots later on today! I know, I know, this is indeed very last minute, but that's the point ;)  We just wanted to give you guys (our biggest fans and followers) a shot at ordering a blind or two in a more private unannounced setting. Here's a very crappy teaser just to keep you guessing. Honestly, it'll probably annoy you more than anything, lol. And all the info you need is right below. . .

The artists. ..

Sergio Mancini
Tim Munz
Ryan the Wheelbarrow
Frank Mysterio
Dr. Befa
Igor Ventura
Kevin Gosselin
Luihz Unreal

-Today, October 13th, at 2pm Pacific Standard Time
-Only 10 slots available
-No limit, you can buy as many or as little as you want
-Price: $80 USD for 1 blindbox, $78 for each additional one [includes US shipping/international is extra]
-Each dunny will be sealed within an artist designed box, and will of course come with an artist card
-Shipping is estimated to begin in February/March of 2012
-You will have a shot at pulling the "Golden Ticket", redeemable for a special 3" dunny
-They will be available on our online shop:
-There will be plenty of surprises in store ;]

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