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Welcome to the blog spot for all things related to The Most Wanted Crew; An artist collective created by Tim Munz, Igor Ventura, and Manny Rivas, featuring some of the most sought after up and coming artists and customizers from around the globe. Feel free to check out our online shop for original artwork and customs from some of our many talented artists. Thank you for checking us out and we hope you come back often to see what's new in the world of The MW Crew.

Thursday, June 30, 2011



J3 is a highly radioactive fuel that is so rare that the only supply left in the entire universe was just stolen by none other than Foorakis and his mute minion Tank. Tank was specifically engineered to handle J3 with his hands of steel and his cranial reservoir, so swiping the fuel was a cinch. However, the 2 marauders still fled the scene in a panic – carelessly refueling their ship and not screwing the cap on completely. Having easily outrun the cops, Foorakis was about to steer the ship past earth when it started to lose altitude. The 2 space pirates had no idea what was happening but they were going down and fast. They had never been to earth so they had no idea they were about to crash land in Boulder Colorado... directly into the newly completed National Dunny Archives.

Foorakis and Tank are a set and will be $250.00 usd. Packaged in their custom cruiser, never to be made again. Available tomorrow, July 1 at the Most Wanted store: [SOLD OUT]
at an undisclosed time. Who knows when they will show themselves....but I bet following me on Twitter would help: @Nikejerk.

What Foorakis and Tank didn't anticipate was how the J3 would effect its surroundings... being highly radioactive. They survived the crash only to find themselves in some kind of museum... there were little, plastic rabbits everywhere...and the J3 was all over them. There's no telling how these... rabbits will react.

Mutations. A new custom series by Nikejerk available only at SDCC 2011. More info to come including full reveals, a custom giveaway and a possible pre-order for pickup.

On July 1st, Nikejerk will be dropping an exclusive custom Mini Munny 2 piece set over at the shop that will coincide with a very special series Jared will be releasing at SDCC titled, "Mutations." This will be a custom series for the history books. It will be something that has truly never been done before, no BS. Plus as most of you know his commission list runs pretty deep, and he rarely drops exclusives like this, so mark your calenders and set your alarms, cuz you're not going to want to miss out on this set. And to add a little more excitement [like that's necessary], he will be giving away one of the first pieces from his "Mutations" series in conjunction with a very well known toy & art blog next Friday. We'll have all the specifics on that and everything else later on tonight, but for the meanwhile, here's what Jared had to say about his upcoming series:

"I'm dropping a very progressive series that has never been touched upon before and will be appearing at SDCC for the first time guerilla booth, no reps...just me and my toys and you'll need to find me to get in on the series. I will be tweeting my location at all times and updating through Facebook. All the specifics to come with the official announcement on July 1."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We're trying out a new way of offering up commissions from some of our artists, beginning with David Bishop aka RUNDMB. There were four platforms originally posted, two of which are now sold out, so act quick and head over to the shop before the other two get snatched up ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We just added a new item to the shop! The last of Igor Ventura's Artist Proofs from the the very first "Blankies" Artist Series which was released last year. Support the artist directly, and in turn receive a sweet little piece ;)  Here's a bit more info. . .

"This was one of the designs featured on the very first Blankie artist series, brought to you by the folks over at the Aarting collection [a community fueled art collective]. Here are a few links that will get you a little more familiar with both the series and the artist:

Rocking a sweet stache, this water cooler "lobsta" is floating about adding just the right amount of flavor, to your otherwise tasteless water.
Can't afford the real thing? Well just take a swig of this water and you'll swear you're digging in to a fine "lobsta" dinner :)
Out of only 5 Artist Proofs, this little guy is sure to sell out quick. And being one of Igor's first production pieces, this will become a rarity never to be seen again. And did I mention that you get an original sketch by Igor himself with every order? You'll be able to brag to your friends and family about how you have one of his very first production pieces, guaranteed!*

*this is not an actual guarantee. guarantees are non binding through out the universe. Purple monkey dishwasher*

- Each AP comes signed by the artist.
- Only five of these were originally given to the artist, and only 2 remain.
- As an added bonus, you will receive an original sketch by Igor himself!
- Your AP will be shipped direct from the artist [located in Brazil] via first class international with both insurance and tracking, so rest assured that you're little "lobsta" will be safe through it's entire journey!"

Thursday, June 9, 2011


MWIII is in the works. We should have an artist roster for you within the next couple of weeks. 
Stay in touch with all the latest news on here because you don't want to miss out. . .

The MW Crew.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We hava few customs by Tim up on the shop right now, including a couple of new pieces. If you get a second, drop by and check em out, or better yet, pick one up! You won't regret it! We'll also be dropping a new "Grafro" Mini Munny by RUNDMB. Scope the pics below of Tim's dope ish, and a teaser and sale info on RUN's new drop. . .


On sale tomorrow, June 8th between 11:30am and 12noon PST, this is going to be a random drop. I figured this would be the fairest way to go, so keep F5ing cuz you don't want to miss out. Check out the store link for more specifics on this piece.


Keep checking the blog for more pieces from some of your favorite MW artists, cuz we're going to be dropping some killer ish when you least expect it ;)  You don't want to be caught clowning off for one of the next releases. . .